CONNECT is Singapore’s first digital advisory platform developed by Crossbridge Capital’s in-house investment advisory team. Based on your financial goals which you create, CONNECT will establish if investing in a diversified portfolio is the right strategy for you. If so, it will match you to a CONNECT portfolio we have created tailored to your individual investment needs.

Investing with CONNECT provides you with the benefits of a personalised and diversified portfolio without the hassle and the high fees of traditional providers. We aim to help you visualise and achieve your financial goals and to allocate investments accordingly.

If you are at least 18 years of age and an Accredited Investor according to Singapore regulations, you may be eligible to become a client of CONNECT. See the Account Opening FAQs for further guidance on residency requirements.

In Singapore, an Accredited Investor has net personal assets exceeding SG$ 2 million (or equivalent in foreign currency), or an income in the preceding 12 months of not less than SG$ 300,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency), as defined in Section 4A(1)(a) of the Securities and Futures Act (SFA), Chapter 289.

We aim to make pricing as simple and transparent as possible.

With CONNECT, you benefit from a simple pricing model without transaction charges, brokerage costs or any hidden fees.

CONNECT Certificates include administrative and management fees of up to a maximum of 1.25% per annum. As the Investment Adviser we receive a portion of these fees to manage the portfolios we have created for you. These fees only apply to your investment amount and do not apply to your cash balance. As result, when we present a target return to you, this is the net number. There are no other fees. What you see is what you get.

No. There are no fees on transactions with CONNECT.
We do not charge entry fees or exit fees.

Traditionally financial institutions create a risk profile for each client by asking them a series of multiple choice questions that are designed to evaluate the client’s ability to tolerate risk versus the return they expect.

There are two problems with this approach. Firstly, one risk profile probably doesn’t fit all of your goals. For example, a low risk, low return investment may be appropriate for a long term goal like university savings whereas a higher return investment might be needed for a shorter term goal such as a wedding party. Secondly, these traditional risk profiles often become stale as the client’s financial situation changes over time.

Using technology, we have found a better approach.

CONNECT allows you to define your risk and suitability profile for each goal. As part of your on-boarding process and before investing in each new goal you will interact with a set of sliders, or controls. Moving the sliders changes the expected investment outcome on the graph and it also generates a risk suitability profile that describes the characteristics of a person who would typically make a similar investment. Once you have seen the description, you might decide to change your risk profile to fit another description.

CONNECT presents you with a selective set of portfolios that correspond to your specific risk profile and focuses on diversification and optimal risk-adjusted performance.

With CONNECT, you benefit from a simple pricing model without transaction charges or any hidden fees.

You invest and monitor your portfolio through a simple and user friendly web-based interface, whenever you want.

Once you fund your account, CONNECT takes care of all transactions:

  • Executing the investment in the chosen portfolio.
  • When appropriate, rebalancing the portfolio, which would occur as and when the portfolio allocation moves from the model portfolio due to market fluctuations.

We do not charge brokerage fees to rebalance your portfolio.

CONNECT is designed for Accredited Investors only.

This means we can provide you with exposure to asset classes that may not be available to retail investors. Additionally, we utilise highly efficient CONNECT Certificates as investment vehicles to reduce the negative effect of transaction costs on your returns.
In order to open a CONNECT account you will need to agree to and E-sign our Terms of Business and provide us with some information about yourself.

We are required to identify all of our potential customers so we will need you to provide satisfactory identification documents and we will need to verify these as part of our on-boarding procedure.

This is a standard process for clients seeking to establish a relationship with any Financial Institution.
We’d like to know if you use any names other than your legal name provided on your identification documentation. This is part of our Know Your Customer (KYC) policy.
Once you have been on-boarded as a client of CONNECT, we will send you details of your new CONNECT account with instructions on how It can be funded in US Dollars or another currency (generally by electronic funds transfer).

CONNECT does not hold your funds. Your assets and funds will be held in custody with BNY Mellon's Pershing LLC.
When you invest with CONNECT, you are investing in a globally diversified and actively managed portfolio, or Certificate, which is issued by Banque Julius Baer. This Certificate is an efficient way for us to invest in up to 12 different asset classes on your behalf and rebalance periodically, without incurring the fees of traditional investing in separate underlying securities.

Click here to learn more about our portfolios.
Assuming you had the time and the expertise, you could build a portfolio yourself. You are likely to find that the DIY option often ends up costing you more in fees (both disclosed and hidden) especially after you consider initial transaction fees, rebalancing transaction fees, embedded product fees, custodian fees, statement fees, confirmation fees… and the list goes on. At CONNECT the only fees you pay are the advisory and administrative fees built in to the CONNECT Certificates. You also might consider hiring a professional manager either through your bank or by purchasing units of a mutual fund. We created CONNECT because the high fees associated with those traditional options can seriously impact the returns on your portfolio.

Yes, CONNECT is part of Crossbridge Capital Asia, which has a Capital Markets Services License granted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Additionally, Crossbridge Capital Asia is part of the Crossbridge Capital Group, the leading global wealth management company, which also has other regulated entities in London and Monaco and counts two Swiss Banks as minority shareholders.

We can open accounts for non-Singaporean residents. Please complete the account set up process online and we will be in touch regarding your eligibility and further details, if any are needed. Unfortunately, if you are domiciled in the United States, we cannot open an account for you on the CONNECT platform at this time.
Yes, the CONNECT platform is available to U.S. persons residing outside of the United States. On the CONNECT platform, your assets and funds will be held in custody with BNY Mellon's Pershing LLC (see Pershing offers U.S. tax reporting as part of its suite of services. All tax matters relating to your own tax position remain your own responsibility.
No. You are responsible for assessing the potential tax implications of choosing to invest with CONNECT in Singapore. CONNECT is not responsible for any tax consequences of your investments.

U.S. persons using CONNECT will receive an IRS 1099 Form in order to facilitate their U.S. tax reporting and documentation.
CONNECT is compliant with Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA).

We take data security very seriously and have ensured that the latest technologies are used to host the CONNECT platform. Any of your data stored at CONNECT is encrypted to 256-bit level both in transit and at rest. This is the same, or in some cases, higher than the level used by banks.

We will need the following documentation to complete your account:

  1. A copy of your passport, with at least 6 month’s validity
  2. Proof of your residential address
  3. Proof of your Accredited Investor status
  4. E-signed Terms of Business (available on the CONNECT website)
  5. E-Signed and Completed W-8BEN or W9 form (available on the CONNECT website)
A National Registration Identification Card, or NRIC, is the identity document used in Singapore for Singapore citizens.

A Foreign Identification Number, or FIN, is issued to an individual who is a permanent resident of Singapore and long-term pass holders by the Singapore government.

Providing this information is optional but may speed up your account application.